UNVERIFIED Now Streaming Through Campus Libraries Worldwide


Unverified: The Untold Story Behind the UNC Scandal is now available to stream for free through campus libraries worldwide. The filmmakers are proud to announce a partnership with the on-demand video service Kanopy to bring Unverified to students and faculty around the world.

Kanopy has emerged as the worldwide leader in providing on-demand video streaming to campus libraries. Reaching more than 3,000 campuses in the U.S. and beyond, Kanopy’s collection of documentaries, indie and foreign films, must-see classics, and blockbuster movies now exceeds 26,000 titles.

Students and faculty can follow the link button to find out whether their campus has partnered with Kanopy to make Unverified available to stream for free:


Students at non-partnering campuses should contact us to inquire about our student discount to watch Unverified on Vimeo On Demand. Faculty and staff at non-partnering campuses should contact us to obtain an educational license to screen Unverified in the classroom or elsewhere on campus.

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